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Two wrongs don't make a right
Introduction: Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. There is a flow that is directly opposed to the flow of the Spirit. We speak of it as the spirit of this world or worldliness. Like the salmon we swim upstream. We do not fit into the flow and the frequncy of this world.
Perspectives on Suffering and Persecution
Introduction: Christians are not exempt from suffering. Pain and sorrow are real. Sometimes by our own design and sometimes because of others we face all sort of suffering. If we know that suffering is a teacher appointed by God to train us in godliness we can face whatever fiery trail and come through as pure gold. If we are willing to be trained by our suffering it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness in our lives.  
The Miracle Mile
Introduction: The phrase going the second mile has found its way into our modern vocabulary. Its roots are found all the way back in first-century Palestine.
Re-Think; Re- Plan; Re-Set
Introduction: I have noticed that many are in a time where major decisions are being made. Covid 19 has caused us to re-think and re-plan much of our lives.
It is Harvest Time
Introduction: It is time for a great Harvest – It is time for a Harvest! This decree resonates in our ears and in our hearts as we all stumble trough this worldwide pandemic together. Yes, it is a wonderful opportunity to gather a great harvest of souls right now. For these words to move from inspiring word two important principles have to be understood and applied.
Relational Core Values
Introduction: We are to look like Jesus, act like Jesus and demonstrate the Glory of Jesus. Our purpose therefore is to be conformed to the image of Christ as we then fulfil our calling. The two cannot be separated and will always be formed in us simultaneously as we attempt to live a more significant life for Him.
His Glorious Assembly
Introduction: We live in one of the most exciting times in history. The church globally is experiencing one of the most significant reformations of its time on the earth. The revelation of Christ in the earth through His accurate church has never been so glorious and wonderful.
The Church on Deployment
Introduction: In our local context the Lord has prepared us for a time as this. Over the last 6 months or so the continual call from the Spirit was to make ready for deployment. No one could foresee the events that transpired with the global Covid 19 pandemic. We only heard that we had to set our feet on the battlefield.
Strengthen yourself in the Lord
Introduction: Sometimes the only one to encourage you is you. When we learn how to strengthen ourselves, we will fulfil our God-born dreams, and be able to represent Jesus to the world. God saw David in his obscurity as a shepherd, but recognized him as a man after God own heart, willing to do everything God wanted him to do.
The Benefits of the Resurrection
Introduction: Statement: God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him. Therefore, whenever I see Him at work in the Bible to benefit my soul, I see him at work to glorify his name.
The Power of Covenant
Introduction: Passover was established when God rescued His people Israel from Egyptian slavery. After nine plagues did not move the pharaoh to let the Israelites go (See Ex. 7:14–10:29), the Almighty sent one final plague that provoked the king of Egypt to relent temporarily and free the Israelites...
The Mystery of the Church
Introduction: Church can never be one dimensional. Church is multi-dimensional. As it is with many doctrinal thoughts one cannot think ‘either’ ‘or’ I.e. dualism, when it comes to the church. This is the mystery of church – it is the multifaceted identity and work of the church.
Dealing with Fear
Introduction: Fear has many faces. When we do not know how to deal with fear, fear can destroy us. Fear is a powerful emotion that the devil can take advantage of in our lives. Fear is an emotion that makes us extremely vulnerable to spiritual attack.
The unsearchable ritches of Christ
Introduction: People do not know they want what we have. We need to show people what they want. If we keep quiet about what we have, if we never invite people to experience what we have they will never know they want it.
Instruction and Obedience
Introduction: Nobody likes to be told what to do – right? Yet if we look to the Bible it is filled with instructions. Many interpret these instructions as mere suggestions or information. The response in many cases is: well, I will think about it? Today I want to talk to you about the way we receive the Word and the messengers God sends to bring the Word.
The Spirit of Prayer
Introduction: In Zechariah 12:10, (I’ll pour a spirit of grace and prayer over them) the prophet Zechariah prophesied that a spirit of prayer would be poured out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Prayer Zechariah had earlier prophesied would be poured out on the people of Israel. This has now happened for us as the Holy Spirit has already been poured out on all flesh. (See Joel 2:28 & Act 2:17)
Walk it Out
Introduction: Prophet Hilana taught us: When you are in a difficult situation the only way out is through. Today we will talk about walking things through. Life is a walk of faith.
What you cannot manage you cannot keep
Introduction: We need to revisit, and repurpose ourselves according to God’s dominion mandates, again looking at why He created us. For there is no purpose in creation, where there is not provision for. Your provision is in your purpose. Discover your purpose and you will find your provision. God will never lead you where his promises cannot keep you.
Myths concerning the Great Commission
Introduction: This passage is “The Great Commission.” Jesus spoke these words to his followers before ascending back to heaven to be with the Father. His followers were left to discover the Holy Spirit and to change the world through one simple process — making and multiplying disciples [learners] of Jesus.
The Goodness of God
Introduction: : I have often spoken about the following statement: When we cannot trace the hand of God one has to rely on the heart of God. In essence what I mean by this is that we have to inherently believe that God’s intentions with us is good. It is to believe in the goodness of God even when it seems that we cannot see it. I believe in a God that is morally virtuous.
A Progressive Advance: Calling Old things Obsolete
Introduction: We are in the time of the revelation of what comes next. It is a progressive advance. Not a stop-start type of life - rather a building on what already has been established. Far too many people still live from one event to another while life has to do with processes. Some cycles we have to complete and others we have to start but all of life is a progressive advance.
The Power of Weakness
The basis of Christianity is the fact that we cannot save ourselves and that we need a Savior! We come to Jesus as helpless and hopeless souls, lost in sin and on our way to hell! Then we cry out: help us Lord! - and He saves us by His Grace because we put our faith in His completed work on the Cross.
The Power of Vision
There is a time to focus on the future and a time to see the next step in focus. Failure to discern the next step will affect our walk of faith. The eye is an entry point for light. So how we see things affects our whole being.
The Power of Confidence
Isaiah 30:15 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
15 For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning [to Me] and resting [in Me] you shall be saved; in quietness and in [trusting] confidence shall be your strength.
‘Returning’ means you left the original position and now have to go back to that position. Sometimes you have to revert back to your original position in the Lord in order to find rest. When the enemy causes us to fall into all kinds of business and chaos, we again have to return to that place of rest.
A Heart to Heart Connection
Concerning evangelism we need more that a mind connection. Having a heart to heart connection with the great commission is of paramount imprtance. It is even more that a financial connection. Evangelism asks for a core value shift that'll connect our hearts to the heart of the Father. Evangelism is more than a program!
The Power of Perseverance
Today I want to talk about the power found in persistence and perseverance. Many give up too soon. In the season we live in we all need to acquire a finishing mentality. This is an inward energizing and thrust that’ll finish that which we are called to do. It is to continue until it is done.
The danger of the spirit of alienation
At times in our lives we experience events that are intense. This is usually the key place where we allow the spirit of alienation to get a hold of us. It usually comes in the form of a thought, that you agree with… this thought is not your own but brought to you by Satan, believing this thought, pondering on it and nursing it will ultimately bring alienation.
Modern day Pharisees
Introduction: The kingdom life is possible when we abide in Christ, when we live in the power of the Holy Spirit and walk in step with the Spirit every day. Then the Holy Spirit changes our hearts and minds, and so empowers us to live the kingdom life as Jesus explains it in the Sermon on the Mount. (See Matthew 5-7)
Persistance and hard Work
We are beautiful and uniquely made. Created with individual talents/ giftedness and capabilities to do something unique and godly. We have all we need in our physicality – in the way we were created to fit perfectly into what we are supposed to do on the earth. We have the right gender; the right skin color and we have the perfect physique.
The desires produced by the Spirit
Introduction: Walking by the Spirit is what we do when the desires produced by the Spirit are stronger than the desires produced by the flesh. As I meditated on this statement during the week, I found myself consistently asking the question; what is the desires in my life that is a product of the indwelling Spirit?
Not by Feelings but by my Spirit
Introduction: We enter into spiritual things by faith and not by feelings. Far too long many believers have defined a spiritual church by what they feel or experience when attend their meetings. Feelings have become an idol in the modern-day church. Many are led by feelings instead of being led by the Holy Spirit.
Abide in His presence
I think none of us who attended church over the past month or two can say that they did not experience the presence of God in a tangible way. During this time God focussed our attention on Evangelism and Discipleship. From there He took us to understand the Person, and the working of, the Holy Spirit. What amazing time we did not have in His presence over the past few Sunday’s!
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Today many believers feel that speaking in tongues is not important. Many reasons are given like; IT IS CONTRARY TO LOGIC or IT IS TAUGHT AGAINST BY SEVERAL LARGE DENOMINATIONS or IT TURNS PEOPLE OFF, IS OFFENSIVE TO SOME PEOPLE. ARE THESE SUFFICIENT REASONS? The answer is simply – NO!
The Supernatural Holy Spirit
God is a Spirit. Many do not like the spiritual nature of God or the church. Many only want to serve the Lord in the natural. Seriously we cannot just join a church for the sake of being part of a nice fellowship. We who are baptised in the Spirit need to live a supernatural life. God has called you to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Why have a supernatural Spirit and not desire supernatural things?
The Design of God
Introduction: Many remember this poem from the movie titled “Invictus” that portrayed the life of president Mandela and the 1995 rugby world cup final. While incarcerated at Robben Island prison, Nelson Mandela recited the poem to other prisoners and was empowered by its message of self-mastery.
The title of my book is penetrate through every barrier. That is exactly my journey with the Lord. A battle to fight through something. Today I would like to inspire you to NEVER give up no matter what you are facing, to persevere, to fight and to break through every problem and setback. I want to teach you today to penetrate through every barrier! It is totally possible if you are in Christ Jesus.
The importance of Family
Introduction: God either blesses you or afflicts you with the people you need and then he calls them family. For today's message the Lord directed me to the identity crisis our generations families are facing. I see the absolute decay of true biblical identity in marriages and the family unit as a whole is under attack.
Hosting the presence of the Holy Spirit
Introduction: We live in a society where everything goes. You can choose if you are born male or female, you can have multiple sexual partners, Promiscuity and drunkenness is joked about and sometimes even encouraged…. Abortion is applauded and nakedness celebrated…
Yet 80% of the South African population profess to be Christians… in other words 80% claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. What does that say about Christianity?
The Presence of God (3)
Introduction: In the Old Testament and often in the New Testament when the presence of the Lord is mentioned; the word for presence used is ‘face’. Whenever the word face is used in scripture referring to ‘the face of God’ it speaks about favor. “When His face shines upon you” or when you are "in the presence of the Lord” it speaks about the favor of the Lord in our lives.
The Presence of God (2)
Introduction: There is a new vocabulary and sound released over the last few service's in the local body. We have heard we need to host the presence of the Lord well. We have learned about abiding presence – the spirit came and remained. We have heard that the spirit is in us for our sake, but that He flows through us for the sake of others. We recognize that we have the spirit without measure, and we live under an open heaven.
The Presence of God (1)
Introduction: Our greatest privilege in life is to learn to be a person that will host the presence of the Lord well. The Spirit of God is in all of us (those whom are saved) by covenant and will never leave us, but my experience is that He’s presence is not flowing through all of us as it is supposed to. The challenge we face is to learn to be a people who host the presence of the Lord as our greatest calling in life.
Perspectives on Light
The Lord said to Abraham look to the starts and so shall be your dissendance. There is much more than just a numerical interpretation to this scripture. There is much more to be discovered about God and his church by looking at the tremendous beauty of creation. We are the light of God and I believe God is speeding up processes in this local church.

Jesus is the Anchor of our Soul
When a ship drift at sea and come close to rocks or danger the captian calls for the anchor to be dropped and then they are ordered to draw the ship closer to the anchor. Jesus is the anchor to my soul and today I want to make sure we all draw close to this anchor.
The Garden of the Lord
Introduction: Coming from the Pentecostal move which has its roots in the holiness movement, I have been trained to think isolation. What I heard as a young believer was that we should be careful not to be contaminated by the world and worldliness. The saying: we are in the world but not off this world, meant to my generation - separate you from amongst them.  Live separated from the world and hold on to what we have received until the day of the rapture. (Escapist theology)
Introduction: We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We have entered into the labors of others. Other men and woman of faith have gone before us and have suffered much for us to be able to live and have church the way that we have it today. In this geographical location – this city and in this nation, many have gone before us and have laid down their lives and have suffered loss for us to be able to have what we have today. And although we might forget - God does not forget!
Faith in action – mount up with wings like eagles!
This teaching will serve as a session / intro to next weekend’s Evangelist / Discipleship MBC training weekend. Isaiah 40:31 NLT ”But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”
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