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HRC Pretoria Synergy of Ministry Activities

Orbital Structures

Leadership structures in churches often follow the hierarchical pyramidal structures with the leader on top of the vast mass of stones making up the pyramid. It is impossible to reach the “top” unless you climb and compete with others to get there. Furthermore, even if you can function on another level because God has given you specific talents and character traits, you need to go through the system in order to function. IN other words you may never find that place where you are actively functioning in your God given gift for the body of Christ.
Contentment in one’s orbit is the benefit of an orbital structure. If you are in the right orbit you gain momentum quickly for your life. Think of the first orbit around the earth. How much energy was needed to keep the shuttle hurtling around the earth at immense speed? The initial breakthrough into orbit needed a thrust, after which the shuttle entered into the rest of faith, so to speak.
Once a month everyone involved in ministry orbits give feedback on what the Lord has done. Testimonies are shared and helped is asked where needed. This ensures constant and consisted synergizing of all ministry activities in HRC Pretoria

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